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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Murray Crimmis!

Mind the shitty MS Paint edit, I'm back home in Belleville without all my fancy software. I had intended to write all my holiday posts on Sunday, but Saturday's ice storm knocked out the power in my house, so I woke Sunday cold and without electricity. It's still out, and likely will be until the end of the week. Hopefully not any longer, cause I'll be back and in need of getting back to work, and I'm sure my roommates would like to also be warm in bed. Not to mention maybe being able to cook food, since our BBQ is not only under at least an inch of ice, but kinda melty and useless from a completely out of hand party, and in need of being converted to charcoal (pending a warranty review).

But that's neither here nor there! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I hope you have a nice stat-holiday off with your family, friends, animal(s), and/or technology. Or a nice calm day raking in the time and a half dough!

Provided my neighbourhood has hydro upon my return, I'll have a wack of pictures of my icy backyard.


  1. MS paint, FTW. And anyway, that out of hand part sounds fun! Looking forward to the pics--stay warm :)

  2. Hahaha. Murry Christmas to you too. Will you be watching Scrooged? :)