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Sunday, July 20, 2014

VOTW - How Local Bands Use Social Media

   If you've ever "liked" a local band, or have the members in your list of "friends", you probably know all too well just how accurate this is. I've had friends in bands since I was 13, and although I was just as bad as them with being supportive as a teenager, it's god damn annoying. Calm the fuck down already! 100 likes is great and all, but guaranteed those first numbers all come from your friends and family, so STFU. If I want to follow your twitter/instagram/tumblr/whatever, I will look for it in the links on your page, not your timeline, because logic. Constantly posting unnecessary things is a good way to get people to click that little "unsubscribe" dealy so you don't pop up on their newsfeed anymore. Or worse (for your precious numbers), straight up "unlike" your page.

   And it's not a new thing, either. Remember MySpace bulletins? Between all the pc4pc spam and the elusive actually-worth-reading posts, were an insane barrage of "hey, look at these crappy 1MP pictures from us playing in a church basement!" and "only [x amount] of days until we post the new song we just recorded in our drummer's unfinished basement with a dollar store computer mic and no knowledge of mixing to our purevolume page" messages.

   But before I go too far with revisiting an irrelevant website, check out this video.

Friday, July 18, 2014

I'll be back, in time...

   Not like back in time, but back to regular blogging in time. As if I've ever had a regular schedule here over the past two years.

   I had intended to spend the past two nights plotting out a regular sort of posting, scheduling around the full time job I just started this week. And then, because (from my experience at least) nothing good ever comes without a side of heartbreak, I came home Wednesday night to the news of one of my oldest and dearest friends' passing. I've spent the past two days trying to force myself into denial so as to finish the work week, but come lunch time it just wouldn't let up and I had to head home to dear old Jameson. He's got me in his clutches now, and it's the only reason I can see straight (for the moment).

   I've got another VOTW coming this Sunday that I queued up a couple weeks ago, but other than that it will likely be silent for a couple weeks until I get my bit on Mayhem Fest (Toronto, Jul. 25) written up. Then I'll be back to trying to finish my three installments of Music of Spring (because I haven't done a MUSIC OF since March) before tackling July's releases, and then it'll be plan an easily attainable schedule of posts time.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Toronto WorldPride Parade 2014 [pt.1]

The story behind the titbrella is, so many people were coming out for the dyke march just to see some boobs, they made crocheted the umbrella and said "there, take a picture of this and leave us alone!"

   And that's only half! of what I'm posting. Because Toronto hosted WorldPride this year, there were so very many more people in the parade. Usually it's about two hours long, but this year? It was five! Five hours is way too long for a parade. After two and a half hours of standing, I gave up and hung out in front of Yonge Street Tattoos for a while and missed photographing a bunch. Still managed to get hundreds of pictures, though.

Check back tomorrow for part two!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

VOTW - Terry Crews Old Spice muscle music

   It's very rare that I'll post anything that's an advertisement without ripping it apart for sexism, but when I do, it's probably because Terry Crews is amazing and I love him. Now watch him make music BY FLEXING HIS GIANT MUSCLES. FLAME SAX!